CPE , Cross Pacific Event!

This year's inaugural event is going to take us from the East coast of Asia, from Incheon (RKSI), Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD) and Tokyo Narita (RJAA), to the warm and golden beaches of Seattle (KSEA), San Francisco (KSFO) and also to the arctic cool landscape, but always warm welcoming Anchorage (PANC).  

The event will take place on June 21st 2014, with the first departing aircraft leaving at 1300UTC from Incheon and Shanghai while Tokyo Narita will give the takeoff clearance for the first aircraft at 1400UTC. 

Please click here or on the top of the page, in order to book your slot for the event! Your log in details: your VATSIM ID and Password. 

In the unlikely case that all slots have been booked, please feel free to join us, connect with your favorite long haul aircraft, and visit us somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, for a breathtaking all new experience! 


Special thanks to:

VATASIA and VATNA Regions.

The Divisions and ARTCCs participating: VATKOR, VATPRC, VATJPN, VATUSA, Seattle ARTCC, OAK ARTCC, ZAN ARTCC.



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