【2018-02-24】Shanghai Fiy-in&Out

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We cordially invite you to the Shanghai fly in & out event this Saturday! Come join us in Chinese airspace and enjoy the top-notch service provided by our professional controllers. See you there!

Date and Time:
Saturday, February 24, 2018 1100z-1600z 1900-2400CST

ZSSS – Shanghai Hongqiao international airport
ZSPD – Shanghai Pudong international airport

VATPRC Scenery library

FERRY ROUTE from Pudong to Hongqiao: follow CGT-12D or JTN-11D, then follow relative STAR and IAC of Hongqiao airport(Chart: ZSPD-7G)
FERRY ROUTE from Hongqiao to Pudong: follow JTN-12D, PK-12D, or PK-14D, then follow relative IAPs of Pudong airport(Chart: ZSSS-7C)
CHARTS: http://www.vatprc.net/sub/pilotcenter/charts.html