[2017-12-31] Guangzhou RealOPS


Guangzhou RealOPS is back! You will enjoy almost real timetable, operations, and ATC service within six hours and celebrate the new year at the end of this event! If you enjoy 'As Real As It Gets', just click here and book a flight! Our booking system will be availble until 30min before the event.

1000z-1600z, 31 Dec, 2017  =>  1800CST – 2400CST, 31 Dec, 2017

Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l Airport (ZGGG)

Recommend Scenery
Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l Airport (ZGGG)


1. Please make sure the scenery, navigation data, and charts includes data about the third runway of ZGGG, 02R/20L;

2. ETD stands for 'expect time for push back'. ETA stands for 'expect time for touch down'. Please request a delivery clearance 5 min before ETD if you possibly can;

3. Flight can be execute with the aircraft type shown on the booking system, or an aircraft type with similar performence. (e.g. A320 can be replace by B738) But please file the aircraft type that shown on the booking system when you file the flight plan;

4. One crew can only book one departing flight and one arriving flight;

5. Please be aware that metric system and China RVSM is in use in China Mainland airspace.

6. Non-event flights expect to be delayed though controllers will try to make them on time. To increase efficiency, if you can please use voice as much as possible.

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