Step One

Go to and register a unique VATSIM ID for yourself. This is an easy and quick step. After finishing your registration, your VATSIM ID and password will send to you by email, please keep it in a safe place and you cannot change your password by yourself. Feel free to choose your registered division. You can take a flight wherever you want on VATSIM, no matter which division you chose to join.

Step Two

Download vPilotSwift or xPilot (for X-Plane), these three pilot clients are recommended by VATSIM and they will help you connect your FS/P3D or X-Plane with VATSIM network. 

Please be aware that, due to the using of new server infrastructure, FSInn and Squawkbox will be ceased to be supported by VATSIM from Oct. 14th, 2019.

Step Three

Read and be familiar with VATSIM policy and the information we provided in this website regarding to China airspaces.

Step Four

Consider joining a pilot training program or virtual airlines like Virtual China Southern to enhance your flying skills.

Step Five

Get online on VATSIM and enjoy your flights!