Disclaimer: The partitions for FIRs on VATSIM do not necessarily consistent with real-world aviation. To avoid controversies, the chart above is the primary area of VATPRC.

VATPRC FIRs consist of the following 9 FIRs where you can see the figure above.

  • ZBPE Beijing FIR
  • ZGZU Guangzhou FIR
  • ZHWH Wuhan FIR
  • ZJHK Sanya FIR
  • ZLHW Lanzhou FIR
  • ZPKM Kunming FIR
  • ZSHA Shanghai FIR
  • ZWUQ Urumqi FIR
  • ZYSH Shenyang FIR

Besides, we are also managing ZMUB Ulaanbaatar FIR on VATSIM. However, in general, services will only be provided when there is a need for international events.

Since March 2020, ZMUB has joined VATASIA Specialists project. For more information about the project, visit VATASIA Specialists website.