[2021-11-21] Training Day: Guanghan ZUGH

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Training day is back! Contact your flight instructor and do training!

Date & Time

2021-11-21 06:00 – 2021-11-21 09:00 (UTC)


  • Guanghan Airport(ZUGH)


  • no route, VFR traffic circuit


Ground Chart for ZUGH


[VATPRC-Pilot Center]


  • Traffic circuit can be made to both sides of RWY for aircraft CAT A. B. C, at altitude 800m(QNH) for aircraft CAT A. B, 900m(QNH) for aircraft CAT C.
  • Maximum allowed aircraft is B737; Suggest to use small piston aircraft.
  • Flight plan routing requirements for events
  • China mainland has implemented RVSM in Metric level system. For details, Please visit Chinese RVSM

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