[2021-03-20] Colder: Beijing – Harbin

You are currently viewing [2021-03-20] Colder: Beijing – Harbin

Event Date and time

Saturday, 2021/03/20, 1000z-1400z

Featuring Airports

  • Beijing Capital International Airport (ZBAA)
  • Harbin Taiping International Airport (ZYHB)


  • ZBAA – ZYHB (AIRAC2101 +)
    • ZYHB runway 05 in use: DOTRA B334 TGO G212 RUSBO W204 IGPUP
    • ZYHB runway 23 in use: DOTRA B334 TGO G212 RUSBO W203 LUVMO
  • ZYHB – ZBAA (AIRAC2101+)
    • ZYHB runway 05 in use: LUVMO W203 RUSBO G212 UKDUM W49 OSUBA
    • ZYHB runway 23 in use: IGPUP W204 RUSBO G212 UKDUM W49 OSUBA


  • The Tower controller may issue initial heading instruction: “when airborne, track extended centreline“. This means that the pilot has to maintain the runway TRACK (not the HEADING) until a new heading or direct instruction has been given.
  • The controller may give a SID which not connecting to the initial waypoint. In such cases, expect radar vector to the route. Pilots need to carefully copy the departure clearance.
  • PDC is available on request only, with the prerequisite of the controller ability. Depending on the controller, PDC may be given via Hoppie or private message. Please read the controller info of the Delivery controller for detailed information.


[VATPRC-Pilot Center]


[VATPRC-Pilot Center]

RVSM Rules

China implements RVSM in Metric level system. For details, Please visit Chinese RVSM

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