[2020-05-16] Shanghai – Hong Kong Express

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Event Date and time

Saturday, 2020/05/16, 1200z – 1600z, 2000CST – 2400CST

Featuring Airports

  • Hong Kong International Airport(VHHH)
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport(ZSPD)


  • VHHH – ZSPD(AIRAC2001 or above)
    • LAKES V1 DOTMI A470 LJG B221 SHZ W58 BK
    • LAKES V13 LELIM M503 OKATO R596 DST B221 SHZ W58 BK (offset 6nm left of track from PONEN to LELIM)
  • ZSPD – VHHH(AIRAC2001 or above)
    • HSN W13 BEGMO M503 LELIM V591 ABBEY (offset 6nm right of track from PONEN to LELIM)


[VATPRC-Pilot Center]


[VATPRC-Pilot Center]

RVSM Rules

China implements RVSM in Metric level system. For details, Please visit Chinese RVSM

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