Announcement on Stepping Down and New Appointment of VATPRC1

Dear all,

It is with great regret to announce that Yu Xiong has stepped down as Divisional Director of VATSIM P.R.China Division, in good standing, due to real-life commitments. This is a great loss for us but we can only respect his decision and wish him the best. Also, we have already learned that Chang Ma has been appointed as successor, to be the new Division Director of VATPRC.

Since Yu became the Division Director, VATPRC has undergone significant changes and won two Golden Mic Awards in 2015 and 2018, and we would not be able to achieve those without Yu’s contribution.

We would like to appreciate Yu for his passion, dedication, assistance, team spirit and excellent cooperation, and thank you for your contribution to VATPRC community.

Chang Ma is a member since 2013, has thousands of hour online experience and actively involved in VATPRC Division activities. During lately holding the Division Training Director position, he has also made a great contribution to the development of VATPRC.

Therefore, we are fully convinced that, following Yu’s steps, Chang Ma will continually make more contributions on his new position.

Best wishes Yu on your real-life commitments, and see you out there flying and providing ATC! Also, congratulations to Chang on his new duties!