Reminder: NO politics-related information on VATSIM

We are aware of the current real-world situation and learned that there has been some members who have brought politics into VATSIM recently. Based on this, we are reminding all our members as follows.

1. As per related policies agreed by all members on their registrations (e.g. Code of Conduct, Code of Regulations, etc.), any operation or behaviour related to politics is strictly prohibited on VATSIM.

2. The behaviour of posting or spreading any political-related information on any forms of dissemination (including but not limited to stating verbally in the voice frequency, sending in the text frequency, QQ/WeChat/Telegram groups, email or Discord), is also strictly forbidden on VATSIM.

3. A member who brings political issues online violates VATSIM policies, will be subject to disciplinary actions as per CoC and CoR.

VATSIM is an international network where we share the same happiness, cheerful spirit and aviation enthusiasm. Members should maintain a peaceful atmosphere and grow together on this platform, instead of ruining it with politics.

VATPRC Staff Team