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New Year Message

Dear all,

In the past year, VATPRC has continuously brought you events with various destinations and forms. Besides the Tour of China series and the biannual event, Silk Road in the Sky, in 2021, we have tentatively introduced the corporative events with VATKOR on a monthly basis, and VFR events flying around the Hainan Island. Before the lunar new year, we were creating the new series called Spring Festival Travel Rush, including more international destinations compared to the same series for last year. Also in this year, we have been trying to relaunch the Cross the Pacific event since 7 years of suspension, and we have celebrated the 20th birthday of VATSIM together with a traditional Beijing-Shanghai route. Hereby, we want to express our gratitude to all pilots and controllers for flying these events and your enthusiasm. It is the contribution of every one of you that consists of this unique and international platform filling with happiness.

Now, the Chinese new year is coming, all events hosted by VATPRC in the Year of Ox has been finished. In the upcoming Year of Tiger, we will keep improving the quality of our services, looking for more interesting forms of events. And we will be appreciated if you can share your thoughts on events with us. During this new year holiday, pilots and controllers are still more than welcome to fly or provide controlling services on the platform. The first event on the Year of Tiger is expected to be hosted on Feb 5th. Stay tuned!

Lastly, we wish all the members will have a healthy, happy, prosperous and successful 2022, Year of the Tiger. And we are looking forward to presenting you with a better VATPRC. See you on the scope!

You will make the difference!

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