VATSIM P.R. China Division

New Year Message

Dear all,

2020 has been an extraordinary year for all of us. Although we are not able to summarise 2020 in just a few conclusive sentences, the most important message is that we wish you, your families and people around you are safe and well.

Despite everything that is happening in the real world, VATPRC was well prepared to serve the community on a daily basis, as we have done since 10 years ago when we launched. In the past year, we have hosted varies events. Besides our weekly domestic event that bringing pilots enjoying the great view of rivers, mountains and cities in China, we have also co-hosted international events with several divisions and vACCs, and reinitiated the Tour of China series events which has been discontinued for years. With the efforts of our controllers, we have ensured pilots had a smooth and enjoyable flight during the amazing and remarkable World Flight 2020 event. Moreover, we are moving forward at the same time. We have been trying out new things in the hope to bring more diversity in our events, and we can always feel all your enthusiasm in this process.

Now, the Chinese new year is coming, taking the opportunity, we would like to recognize and express our gratitude to all the pilots and controllers who took part in those events. VATPRC would not achieve whatever achievements that we have at the moment without your contributions. We wish all the members will have a healthy, happy, prosperous and successful 2021, Year of the Ox. And we are looking forward to presenting you a better VATPRC. See you on the scope!

You will make the difference!

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VATPRC 有你更精彩
You make the difference!