Beijing Control ZBPE receives the 2015 VATSIM Golden Mic Award

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Beijing Control (ZBPE) of VATPRC received the VATSIM Golden Mic Award for outstanding coverage over the course of the past year, with 2430 hours and 58 minutes logged which translates into an online percentage of 27.8%. This marks the first time VATPRC has received such an honor.

In 2015, our enroute controllers contributed their valuable time to provide their service. We thank all the controllers for their efforts, and we hope that more will join us in 2016 to achieve even more.

Congratulations! Well done!

Special Thanks to:

Mingyu Chang    Sam Chen    Fangwen Cheng    Jerry Chuang    Han Cui
Ziheng Gao    Brian Leong    Congcong Li    Chang Ma    Hoo Jiong Sheng
Lin Su        Jiashuo Wang    Weiye Xiao    Yu Xiong    Zhenhao Yang
Zifeng Zhao    Harvey Zheng

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