VATSIM P.R.China Division


  Restricted:  This controller is not eligible to provide service to this position
  Under Supervision:  This controller is eligible to provide service to this position ONLY under supervision from a mentor or above (indicated by the Mentor column)
  In Training:  This controller is eligible to provide solo service to this position for the purpose of position familiarisation and fluency training
   Certified:  The controller is fully eligible to provide solo service to this position


Controller Roster (Updated 2018-01-24)

Name VATSIM ID Rating GND TWR APP CTR Condition
Alfred Tang 934809 ADM ABSENCE/VATSEA
Jason Choi 1019205 I1 ABSENCE
Qing Li 1153596 C3 ABSENCE
Anning Wong 1107082 C3 ABSENCE
Johnny Yang 961794 C3 ABSENCE
Dixin Yang 1083940 C3 ABSENCE
Yu Xiong 1191126 C3 ACTIVE
Han Cui 1193569 C3 ACTIVE
Zheng Chen 1255570 C3 ABSENCE
Chang Ma 1251477 C3 ACTIVE
Zifeng Zhao 1212751 C3 ACTIVE
Mingyu Chang 1282162 C3 ACTIVE
Zhenhao Yang 1259390 C3 ACTIVE
Jiashuo Wang 1279052 C3 ACTIVE
Wenlue Zhang 1290875 C3 ACTIVE
Congcong Li 1295425 C3 ACTIVE
Brendan Chen 943434 C1 ABSENCE
Ken Hui 1009972 C1 ABSENCE
Sam Chen 1226141 C1 ABSENCE/VATPAC
Lifei Gu 1221349 C1 ABSENCE
Lin Su 1229659 C1 ACTIVE
Eric Lee 1208910 C1 ABSENCE
Kejia Deng 1242523 C1 ABSENCE
Fangwen Cheng 1271421 C1 ABSENCE
Yuliang Song 1267307 C1 ACTIVE
Ziheng Gao 1248613 C1 ABSENCE
Hoo Jiong Sheng 1234856 C1 VISITING/VATSEA
Harvey Zheng 1295320 C1 ACTIVE
U Hin Leong 1264827 C1 ACTIVE
Andrzej Kauf 1203254 C1 VISITING/VATSEA
Weiye Xiao 1187149 C1 ACTIVE
Lingzhi Zhou 1268906 C1 ACTIVE
Jerry Chuang 1236391 C1 ABSENCE
Pochun Yeung 1282114 C1 ACTIVE
Huiyuan Shen 1225786 C1 ACTIVE
Qi Weng 1183416 S3 ACTIVE
Jing Lu 1097301 S3 ABSENCE
Xiaoye Ai 1195183 S3 ABSENCE
Frank Hu 1171369 S3 ABSENCE
Zhongwei Zhou 1155278 S3 ABSENCE
Xingning Pang 1163892 S3 ABSENCE
Invoke Wong 1049522 S3 ABSENCE
Leo Wong 1049800 S3 ABSENCE
William Lee 1126503 S3 ABSENCE
Chenyun Li 1296962 S3 ABSENCE
Jack Wang 1172887 S3 ABSENCE
Jason Liu  1148014 S3 ABSENCE/VATUSA
Di Wu 1292531 S3 ABSENCE
Guanglu Miao 1324614 S3 ACTIVE
Kaiqi You 1258497 S3 ABSENCE
Wenjun Chow 1297819 S3 ACTIVE
Dunn Tan 1282720 S3 ACTIVE
Jiahao Shen 1311043 S3 ACTIVE
Barnett Gao 1328031 S3 ACTIVE
Yimo Zhang 1327370 S3 ACTIVE
Yibo Chen 1321838 S3 ACTIVE
Chen Xu 1327460 S3 ACTIVE
Tony Hou 1093740 S2 ABSENCE
Guang Yang 1156238 S2 ABSENCE
Victor Chen 975266 S2 ABSENCE
Minjun Gao 1160696 S2 ABSENCE/VATJPN
Jeffery Hsu 970402 S2 ABSENCE
Wei Zhao 1233852 S2 ABSENCE
Mike Green 1162973 S2 ABSENCE
Chris Lee 1250966 S2 ABSENCE
San Lin 1191192 S2 ABSENCE
Lee Ya Chun 1144532 S2 ABSENCE
Yong Wen 1244631 S2 ACTIVE
Lau Chi Ho 1107866 S2 ABSENCE
Xia Tian 1232796 S2 ABSENCE
Richard Ma 1257791 S2 ACTIVE
Yuu Wang 1283537 S2 ABSENCE
Johnson Liu 1261475 S2 ABSENCE
Yiming Guo 1277127 S2 ABSENCE
Fei Liang 1291242 S2 ABSENCE
Jiang Wu 1303321 S2 ABSENCE
Sander Huang 1280256 S2 ABSENCE
Roy Han 1282232 S2 ABSENCE
Hanming Zu 1287729 S2 ABSENCE
Engen Chen 1291441 S2 ABSENCE
Longfei Zhang 1318043 S2 ABSENCE
Hangyu Ye 1285750 S2 ABSENCE
Xin Liu 1309081 S2 ABSENCE
Zhiyao Chang 1314893 S2 ABSENCE
Patrick Chen 1287899 S2 ABSENCE
Jiangfeng Li 1338378 S2 ABSENCE
Sijia Huang 1336270 S2 ACTIVE
Ken Dong 1374915 S2 ACTIVE
Ruoyang Lu 1262118 S2 ACTIVE
Yaoyi Wang 1332360 S2 ACTIVE
Adam Liu 1399860 S2 ACTIVE
Qiushi Jin 1356779 S2 ACTIVE
Junzhe Yan 1340265 S2 VISITING/VATUSA
Zipeng Wang 1160899 S1 ABSENCE
Kevin Lee 1059001 S1 ABSENCE
Xiaolong He 1143064 S1 ABSENCE
James Lin 1226633 S1 ABSENCE
Jerry Du 1004114 S1 ABSENCE
Yu Fu 1142589 S1 ABSENCE
Yuheng Lian 1163226 S1 ABSENCE
Sheng Liu 1162604 S1 ABSENCE
Eli Jiang 1208566 S1 ABSENCE
Chiaming Lin 1180590 S1 ABSENCE
Bruce Cui 1208671 S1 ABSENCE
Tianyi Liu 1198509 S1 ABSENCE
Jun Ma 1002547 S1 ABSENCE
Xiajia Chen 1182731 S1 ABSENCE
Xiaolong He 1143064 S1 ABSENCE
Jiacheng Cheng 1195727 S1 ABSENCE
Wentao Song  1196152 S1 ABSENCE
Henry Jiang 1042663 S1 ABSENCE
Tao He 1211376 S1 ABSENCE
Fiona Qin 1127648 S1 ABSENCE
John Tu 1004651 S1 ABSENCE
Kevin Xu 1178961 S1 ABSENCE
Eric Yu 1133424 S1 ABSENCE
Stephen Huang 1207394 S1 ABSENCE
Wong Cheuk Pan 1238741 S1 ACTIVE/VATEA